Important Information

Agenda of the 1st Short-term joint staff training event (C1) in Zamość, Poland

The  objectives to be achieved:

  • project team integration,
  • a presentation on migrants/refugees’ situation in different European countries  from the school perspective,
  • exchange of experiences,
  • identification of communication problems in a multicultural society,
  • showing and developing methods and techniques of teaching that are useful in a multicultural school environment,
  • showing the usefulness of teaching through experience method in achieving the goals of the project,
  • making the teachers aware of what can happen if the space of cultural/national identity is not respected
  • showing good and bad aspects of multiculturalism in a society.

Saturday, 3rd January 2018

  • Meeting all the partners in Warsaw. The meeting point is: Vapiano Restaurant, AL. JEROZOLIMSKIE 63, Warszawa
  • Lunch at Vapiano Restaurant
  • Warsaw: visiting ‘INVISIBLE EXHIBITION’
  • Transfer to Zamość
  • Discussion of the usefulness of teaching by evoking emotions in achieving the goals of the project
  • Meal at ‘Karczma Bida’
  • Arrival in Zamość

Sunday, 4th January 2018

Monday, 5th January 2018

Tuesday, 6th January 2018

Wednesday, 7th January 2018

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